Seoul (Gangnam-gu), Korea

The design represents Toyota’s first automotive dealership in Korea. The location of the building is on a major thoroughfare in the heart of Gangnam-gu, one of the wealthiest and fastest developing areas of Seoul. The road has a significant bend at the midpoint of the block. It is here at the intersection of two city grids that our building resides. It is the point of embarkation.

The building is a simple rectilinear mass that responds to the site by volumetric shifts generated to create a rotational dynamic that twists various building components. The result is an angular yet elegant design that sets itself apart from other dealerships in Seoul. The main showroom at ground level features a 6 meter glass wall for the display of automobiles. The north façade is highlighted with a dramatic 5 meter cantilevered showroom. This marks the entry to the site at the NE corner. The floor is suspended from a ceiling truss creating a thin floor plate that minimally impacts the ground floor showroom mass.  There are 3 vertical storage towers that are accessed from the basement. Semi-transparent glass allows a glimpse of the stacked automobiles.  A large screen wall above the showroom floors
cloaks the administration offices and parking above. Inspired by Toyota’s motto of “moving forward”, the screen dominates the façade. It is solid at one end, defining a zone to locate the Toyota logo and gradually becomes more transparent. This calls to mind the nature of automotive design where the body of the car creates a compositional image yet alludes to the machine within. 

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