We reinforce discovery by utilizing current technologies, ensuring projects are state of the art with respect to design, construction and sustainability. Excellence is achieved through this creative, efficient and integrated design process. With the right design team and effective tools to communicate, we ensure successful outcomes that align with project vision. Visualization is achieved through various communication tools that lead to high value outcomes. Physical sketch models, 3-D computer simulation, rapid prototyping, detailed presentation models, hand sketches, and traditional documentation are employed to communicate design intent. Sometimes working satellite from various team members, we rely on digital cameras, scanners, mobile phones, e-mail, ftp sites and web or teleconferencing to communicate design issues and new discoveries. It is this cyber network, of the latest in global technologies, that allow us to work effectively with multi-national teams. Design charettes are critical component of our process. Good results rely on face to face meetings with clients, associate firms and consultants. Many projects are in foreign locations. As an International practice, we consider travel to be a significant aspect of our work. Diverse cultures engaged in mutual personnel exchanges foster better team understanding of design vision. Understanding local culture is also critical to project success. Our enthusiasm for global engagement, coupled with a collaborative attitude creates more seamless transitions as projects move through various design phases.
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