Hangzhou Jiangnan Construction Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Jiangnan Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Jinxiu Building, #356 South Hushu Road, Gongshu District
Hangzhou, China


Hangzhou Jiangnan Construction Design Institute Co., Ltd. formerly the Department of the Ministry of Information Industry of the surgery and Design Institute was founded in 1986. The firm was restructured in 2003 as a Class A design entity for large construction projects in Zhejiang Province. The firm Specializes in industrial, civil design and technical consulting with numerous projects across China. The firm has experience in hospitals with professional personnel and a strong technical force that employs nearly 200 people. The firm has a design team with 3 professor level senior engineers, 22 state registered architects and numerous registered structural engineers, senior architects, senior engineers, architects and engineers. The firm has designed more than 100 provincial, municipal and medium-sized construction projects. Over the years, the firm has developed a team of experienced design consultants, experts and teams that focus on stadiums, large and medium-sized schools, commercial offices, luxury residential buildings, large hospitals, urban design and landscape designs. The firm has created a host of influential classic works praised by the Chinese community and the construction industry. The firm has received numerous design awards including the "Qianjiang Cup" award and "West Lake Cup" award.