Global Partners: In the new world economy, corporate giants are buying up firms to acquire portfolios and increase exposure. DRDS, as an International design architect, is part of an alliance of global partners that enhance our collective ability to better serve clients. Respected professionals work together, creating Renaissance teams that bring specific expertise to bear on individual projects for our client’s benefit. The idea that everything needs to be housed under one roof is an old model. By focusing on special teams, clients can benefit from expertise that is project specific without the additional overhead of larger companies. Everything is transparent and the individuals that clients associate with projects are those responsible for delivering results. This ensures that clients receive the best services utilizing appropriate GP staff to maximize value in an efficient manner. It also provides more insightful thinking by merging international designers with geographically based knowledge and local talent. The combined resources of our global partners are united for the singular purpose of achieving client goals with respect to design, performance, schedule and budget.