ISCInternational Stadia Consultancy (ISC)

210 Bolton Street, #8
Boston, MA 02127

ISC is led by Tad C. Shultz who is recognized as one of the leading stadium/arena designers in the United States. His work includes professional stadiums, arenas, major league ballparks, minor league venues, and collegiate facilities. Notable is his role as the Design Director for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Accommodating 100,000 spectators, it is the most complex, dynamic and luxurious NFL venue ever constructed. He is considered an expert in the strategic development of sports facilities. His working knowledge of sports + entertainment criteria impacts the client business enterprise through an increased profit percentage of revenue generating program. Mr. Shultz is a frequent guest speaker at international conferences focused on the planning and design of sports venues. His commitment to the advancement of sports architecture is reflected in the principles that define ISC: Inspiration, Passion, Process, and Leadership.